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SilverSat Team Meeting • Sat, May 12 at 3:30PM Instructed by Steve Morris, Universal VLS4.60 Laser Cutter, Catylator Project 1, and Catylator Project 2

SilverSat immerses Silver Spring youth in real-world engineering by taking on a timely and difficult engineering challenge: to design, build, launch and operate a satellite in Earth orbit. The satellite we build will belong to a class of satellites called CubeSats.

What is SilverSat?

SilverSat is a multi-year project that is both a challenging engineering development effort and a science and technology classroom. The technology goal of this project is to design, build, launch and operate a real satellite. The educational goal of this project is to provide the participants the experience of a real-world engineering challenge, one that many would consider well beyond their abilities.

The project is open to interested and motivated middle-school and high school youth and their families in the greater Silver Spring area.

A satellite? In space? Really?!?

Yes, really! The satellite we will build belongs to a class of satellites call "CubeSats". Cubesats are small,inexpensive lightweight satellites. Many of the currently flying CubeSats are literally cubes 10 cm on each side. They typically use commercially available parts, making them far less expensive than conventional satellites.

CubeSats are very popular educational tools. Many universities have built and launched CubeSats as student projects. Recently, two high schools hosted CubeSat projects, one of which launched in 2013 from Wallops Island, near Assateague, MD.

How do I get involved?

SilverSat is an independent non-profit group in Silver Spring and meets at Catylator Makerspace to work on the CubeSat project.

To get involved you can click here join the mailing list.

Got more questions? Email SilverSat at info@silversat.org

Cancellation policy  If you won't be able to attend, please remember to cancel.