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Family Project: Fidget Spinner

$25 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll
Have an awesome amount of fun learning about 3D design together and 3D printing fidget spinners. This project contains the materials to construct two fidget spinners with bearings, and steel ball balance weights. The step-by-step instructions are designed for a parent and child to work through an easy to follow, self-guided project tutorial.

About this Project:

Expand your design skills together as a family in this intermediate project to design and print a fidget spinner. This project is designed for a parent and child to work together on a path of further discovery into the new world of digital design and digital fabrication, opening doors to this wonderful 21st century world of creation, while creating a crazy addictive fidget spinner.
  • Follow step by step project instructions
  • At any time, ask for help or guidance from Catylator's expert staff (that's what we are here for!)
  • Learn how to get a 3D print transferred from online to begin printing
  • Learn how to set up a 3D printer and change filament
  • See the print happening in front of your eyes
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • You'll both walk away with a fundamental understanding on how 3D design and 3D printing works, plus a fidget spinner each!


  • Awesome 3D printed fidget spinners for each of you
  • Sharing in a positive, engaging, fun and educational family experience
  • Ignite an interest in digital design and digital fabrication

Prereqs and Preparation:

This class is for a parent and child, 8 years old or more, with some awareness of the phenomenon of 3D printing.
Filament for your prints is included, along with 2 608 bearings and 4 stainless steel ball weights.

Chart your own creative path: Pick up where this project leaves off. Enhance your knowledge and skills by taking a Getting Started with 3D Printing class so you can come back and make more!

Also - we have gift cards available on our website so you can get your family involved in learning more STEM and art skills. These are no ordinary gift cards - they are laser cut from wood!

Morning Afternoon Evening
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