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Family Project: Hello Blinky World (Arduino)

$20 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll
About this Project:

Curious about the world of microcontrollers and would like to get started at your own pace? This Family Project gets you plugged into an Arduino and learning all about the amazing world connecting a computer to the outside world via coding and sensors.

This is the first step along a path of learning how to make smart objects that can sense things and communicate. There's so much you can do, and making smart objects can be rewarding, fun and even useful. You will be amazed!

In this Family Project you will:
- Start learning basic circuitry, including with breadboarding
- Learn about an LED and how to control it via code and an Arduino
- Develop the beginning ability to control further circuits with an Arduino
- Start learning important programming tools, including the use of variables, program structure and control
- Gain the confidence to tackle more advanced Arduino-based projects
- Develop and enhance a creative mindset
- Exercise skills in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity
- All the necessary components and cables are provided in the project
- Targeted for 5th grade and up


- Hands-on learning tool exploring both programming and electronics - get ready for the Internet of Things
- Excellent gateway into hardware and software development
- Get the confidence to finally learn how to use the Arduino hiding in your closet.

Prereqs and Preparation:

No experience necessary
This project is for a parent and child, 10 years old or more, new to the world of coding and electronics.

Morning Afternoon Evening
Jun 24 Sunday 0 5 Times Available 0