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Family Project: Spiral Printed Bud Vase

$20 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll
About this Project:

Take the next step in 3D design and 3D printing together as a family in this short, starter project to design and print a bud vase. This project is designed for a parent and child to work together on a path of discovery into the new world of digital design and digital fabrication, opening doors to this wonderful 21st century world of creation.
  • Continue to explore free, easy to learn browser based computer aided design software
  • Follow step by step project instructions
  • At any time, ask for help or guidance from Catylator's expert staff (that's what we are here for!)
  • Learn how to get a 3D print transferred from online to begin printing
  • Learn how to set up a 3D printer and change filament
  • See the print happening in front of your eyes
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • You'll both walk away with a fundamental understanding on how 3D design and 3D printing works
  • Awesome 3D printed spiral bud vase for both of you
  • Sharing in a positive, engaging, fun and educational family experience
  • Ignite an interest in digital design and digital fabrication

Prereqs and Preparation:

This class is for a parent and child, 6 years old or more, new to the phenomenon of 3D printing.
Filament for your prints is included.

Chart your own creative path: Pick up where this workshop leaves off. Enhance your knowledge and skills by taking a Getting Started with 3D Printing class so you can come back and make more!

Also - we have gift cards available on our website so you can get your family involved in learning more STEM and art skills. These are no ordinary gift cards - they are laser cut from wood!
Morning Afternoon Evening
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